Declaration Title delivers complete confidence in knowing your commercial title transactions will be taken care of through various nationally known underwriters:

Fidelity National Title First American Title Chicago Title WFG National Title

Why is it important to use a local company?
To answer that question...yes! Closing your loan can vary from state to state, and even within the same county or city. Closings can be conducted by title insurance companies, escrow companies, or attorneys but a local title insurance company will know the local real estate market, plus you'll be supporting local employees who live and work in your community. You'll also find quicker response to issues as they occur, because decision-making happens locally, and their local reputation depends on excellent customer service.

Commercial Title Insurance
Commercial title insurance offers commercial property buyers, lenders and others protection against losses from certain title issues, provided through responsive title underwriting, closing and recording services on simple to the most complex commercial transactions.

We specialize in closing and insuring high-end, complex transactions with an emphasis on keeping it simple for our clients. Handling national accounts that require special underwriting and closing expertise is what we do best.

We know that any business relationship is based on outstanding results and the confidence that those results will be consistent over time. We are committed to the success of our customers with industry leading products and services. As our customer, you receive a uniform level of quality title, closing and underwriting services nationwide.

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